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Antique and Estate Jewellery

We assess and evaluate antique and estate jewellery, taking great care due to the age and condition of some pieces. Inherited antique or estate jewellery often has sentimental value attached to it and having it insured for repair or replacement adds a layer of protection and peace of mind. Alternatively, you may be expected to divide pieces up for a deceased owner’s estate. Whatever the reason, it’s important to make sure you’re seeking the support of a professional valuer.

When valuing antique and estate jewellery, valuers look to see if it is a coveted collector’s item currently, or if it has fallen out of style and diminished in worth. Other factors include today’s gemstones and precious metal prices, the quality of the artistry, and the manufacturer or designer. Marks on the jewellery – such as a brand name engraved into the metal – can also help assess where a piece originated from and how much it is worth. It is also useful if the jewellery comes with original documents, such as receipts and other paperwork, or a box.

The best way to know the value of your antique and estate jewellery is to consult a specialist. At Delmont Valuation, we can help assess your jewellery and grade old gem cutting styles. We can also evaluate any repairs that may need to be done to restore the jewellery back to prime condition.