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Diamond Jewellery

We provide valuations of diamond jewellery, including engagement rings, hoop earrings or bracelets. In fact, any item with diamonds in it can be valued, such as a custom watch. Diamonds are one the most precious gemstones and their uniqueness comes from their cut, carat, colour and clarity. Each diamond carries a beautiful blend of these factors, which determines its brilliance and value.

A diamond’s cut has the most influence on its beauty, as it affects the amount of light it reflects to make it sparkle. The cut also refers to its overall shape, such as round, princess, cushion and pear. The less colour a diamond has, the higher the grade of the diamond.

A diamond’s carat refers to its weight; bearing in mind that a smaller carat can appear larger. A diamond’s clarity is graded based on the presence of any scratches, nicks and internal flaws.

While diamonds are the hardest natural substance and can only be cut by other diamonds, over time they can get chipped and scuffed, particularly if they’re worn every day. This causes its value to fluctuate, so it’s important you and your insurer know its current value.

Our valuers are Gemological Institute of America (GIA) trained gemologists. They will apply their extensive knowledge and skill using the worldwide GIA grading system to value your diamonds. We will examine your diamonds and provide a detailed valuation containing all their physical and optical identifying features. You can use our valuation for insurance purposes, or for buying and selling.