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Gemstone Jewellery

Gemstone jewellery ranges from beautiful green Colombian emeralds to Burmese rubies – whatever the gemstone, we can identify and value it. While diamonds traditionally steal the spotlight, gemstones are just as valuable and can tell a great story.

They can be deeply symbolic, representing a birth month, for example, or providing a pop of colour to your jewellery collection. Gemstones can be both natural or created. Created gemstones are carefully made in a laboratory and have the same chemical structure as natural gemstones. They are less valuable and therefore more affordable but provide a similar sheen.

Gemstones are more brittle than diamonds, so they need extra care and attention to keep their colours sparkling and to prevent scratches. Gemstone rings are more susceptible to scratches, especially if worn daily, so try and avoid knocking them against hard surfaces. Sapphires and rubies are the hardest gemstones after diamonds, making them popular gemstone choices.

Our extensive experience allows us to confidently identify and value any stone in any type of jewellery. We understand the techniques and grading methods of evaluating gemstones and can accurately assess their condition and value. Our valuation is ideal for authenticating your gemstone and the report will contain any physical and optical identifying features of the particular gemstone.