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Types Of Valuations

Legal documents for your goods

We value your precious items.

Types Of Valuations

Insurance Valuations

Insurance companies require your jewellery to be insured under their policies. DVC can proudly update your current insurance and provide you with a new replacement valuation.

If your jewellery is damaged, lost or stolen, our valuation provides you with the necessary information so your jeweller can replace the item correctly. With 12 years experience, we will confidentially provide you with an accurate report in a timely manner.

Buying and Selling Valuations

Buying or selling Jewellery? DVC will provide you with the correct information required along with the current market value of your item.

Our valuations provide you with a clear cut report of your item that will provide clarity in the buying and selling process

Handbag Appraisals

Authenticity is front and center when it comes to luxury handbags and we are the only qualified specialists in New Zealand that can verify these for you. From Louis Vuitton to Hermes we have you covered to ensure an accurate appraisal.

Our valuation provides you with an authentication appraisal for your handbag alongside a market value price of the bag. This will help facilitate any resell of the handbag or assistance with authenticity.

Estate Planning Valuations

An estate valuation refers to the fair market value of each jewellery estate asset. An accurate market valuation is needed to aid in the distribution of each asset. DVC will accurately provide the necessary report.

What We Value

Find out more about what goods we value here